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An Even More Recent Transfer September 4, 2007

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Due to the unforeseen generosity of Benj, I have been granted a sub-domain at http://www.atheista.net. All entries in this site have been deleted and subsequently transferred to the new address. Expectedly, the URL of the new blog is


Gloriously generous of you Benj. We (brain cells) thank you for another step in my plans for world domination. XD


Regarding the Recent Transfer August 30, 2007

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Obviously, you noticed the transfer from http://www.solitaryponderings.blogspot.com to this new blog.

I like the community and the interface of WordPress better, sadly. I’m going to take down the original blog soon. And this time around, I think I’ll be writing articles relevant to current issues and the like, but I shan’t be abandoning religion and philosophy.

That’s about it. 🙂


Ugh, formatting problems with the imported entries. What the hell, it’s the content that matters.